At some point in its history, American Snuff Company has held the number one brand of dry snuff, loose leaf, plug, twist, moist snuff, and moist snuff pouch.


Grizzly is the flagship brand of the ASC portfolio and is one of the great success stories in the category. Grizzly’s packaging innovations have included metal-embossed lids, and Grizzly’s Dark styles offer a differentiated product through its use of 100% dark-fired American tobacco. All 15 Grizzly styles are packaged for freshness.

Moist Snuff

Once American Snuff Company, LLC, joined the moist snuff category, it didn’t take us long to innovate and become one of the leaders of the category. In 1980, American Snuff Co. was the first company to package moist snuff in a plastic can and was also the first company to introduce a longer cut.


Introduced in 1980, Kodiak is a premium moist snuff brand with Wintergreen, Mint and Straight Long Cut styles, as well as Wintergreen Pouches.


Introduced in 1980, Hawken has a wintergreen flavor and distinctive “rough” cut. It was the first tobacco to come in a round plastic can.


Long-lasting tobacco flavor with just the right moistness at a value price in three styles: Snuff, Long Cut Natural and Long Cut Wintergreen.

Loose Leaf

Loose leaf chewing tobacco is shredded tobacco leaves, often sweetened and flavored.

Levi Garrett

Introduced in 1974, Levi Garrett is a sweeter chewing tobacco compared to previous loose leaf products, which were not sweetened or were only semi-sweet.

Taylor's Pride

This brand was introduced in 1986 in a silver pouch.


Morgan’s is a value-priced loose leaf tobacco that was introduced in 1998.


Originally a brand from Scotten Dillion in Galilpolis, Ohio. American Snuff Company, known as Conwood Company at the time, bought Scotten Dillion in the 1980s. The brand was reformulated, and given new package graphics in the early to mid 1990s.

Other Tobacco Products


Twist is a form of chewing tobacco in which the tobacco leaves have been rolled and twisted together into a rope. Our brands include Mammoth Cave, Moore’s Red Leaf and Warren County.

Dry Snuff

A powdered tobacco product that comes in both regular and sweetened flavors. Brands of dry snuff include Garrett Scotch, Garrett Sweet, Dental Scotch, Dental Sweet, Peach Sweet and Tube Rose. Garrett Scotch Snuff is the longest continuously used trademark in American history.


Plug is a length of solid chewing tobacco in which pieces are cut or bitten off. Our products include Soft Pouch and Light and Dark Wrapped Traditional plugs sold under the names Cannon Ball, Bloodhound, Bull of the Woods, Levi Garrett and Taylor’s Pride.