Moist Snuff


Grizzly's combination of premium quality and exceptional value has made it the fastest growing moist snuff brand over the past decade. In fact, Grizzly Long Cut Wintergreen is the single best selling style in the moist snuff category.  Grizzly Long Cut Straight and Long Cut Mint are also leaders in their respective categories.  All 12 Grizzly styles are packaged for freshness with metal-embossed lids. 

Most Snuff Kodiak  

Introduced in 1981, Kodiak is a premium moist snuff brand with Wintergreen, Mint, and Straight Long Cut styles, as well as Wintergreen Pouches. Kodiak is the 3rd largest premium brand in the moist snuff category.

Moist Snuff Cougar  

Long-lasting tobacco flavor with just the right moistness at a value price in three styles: Snuff, Long Cut Natural and Long Cut Wintergreen.

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